Monday, October 13, 2014

Local finds part 2 - River Torridge rims

Its difficult now to go sherding as the beach is very sandy and weedy so its difficult to find anyhting. So for Autumn and Winter I will continue to post some more of my finds.
 Here's a small selection of pot rims.
I like rims.
They not only look and feel nice, they are really interesting as they can help to identify a pot's form and and also give a good indication of its size as a whole vessel. Rim charts help with this process too.

All of these rims were pulled out of the River Torridge, around Instow.
I don't know their age for sure but would say they are probably 17th Century or 18th Century, given the confirmed age of other finds I have discovered from the same area such as the Pipkin in my previous post.